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Religious and Censorship Authorities: Afraid of Affection

Samir Kassir Foundation published a report by Jad Safwan entitled “Religious and Censorship Authorities: Afraid of Affection”.

The report assesses two instances where freedom of cultural expression was violated in Lebanon. While they happened on separate occasions, they have several common underlying themes. Firstly, mid-June 2022, the movie “Lightyear” was prevented from showing in Lebanon as Walt Disney Co. were refused the license to broadcast the film in cinemas. This ban was seen across 14 other countries in the MENA region. The main problem, in Lebanon at least, was a scene where one of Buzz’s female friends married another woman and shared a brief kiss with her.

The report shows that, “two alternative media outlets (NaqdPolitics and Daraj) proved to be among the top positive sentiment accounts through the number of posts, the metrics as well as the discourse adopted”.

Read the full report.

لتصلكم نشرة نقِد الى بريدكم الالكتروني

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