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From Ancient Rome to Your DMs: The Epic Evolution of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a cherished occasion that is embraced with endless love and devotion. People all over the world exchange sincere gestures to convey their innermost feelings. This global festival, which became ingrained in culture,


Revealing the Story of a Molester Priest

"...Everything they tell you to memorize, memorize it and do it. But do not follow their actions, for they speak but do not act." In a time when action is more crucial than words, and


Lebanon: Do we really pay taxes?

In recent days, a tweet on taxes in Lebanon has ignited a spirited debate among Lebanese users. Some argue vehemently that taxes are non-existent, suggesting a perception gap among citizens. On the contrary, others assert


تسجلوا لتصلكم نشرة نقِد إلى بريدكم الإلكتروني

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